Subdivision Authority

Established under the Municipal Government Act, the Subdivision Authority is responsible to exercise subdivision powers and duties on behalf of Leduc County in the review of subdivision applications. In processing approvals, the subdivision authority must take into account the suitability of lands for which the subdivision is proposed. The subdivision's conformance to statutory plans and development standards of the Leduc County's Land Use Bylaw and compliance with Part 1 (Subsection 7) of the Provincial, Subdivision and Development Regulations.


The Subdivision Authority consists of five Leduc County council members (who are not members of the Subdivision Development Appeal Board). Members of the Board are appointed annually by Leduc County Council at their annual organizational meeting. The chair and vice chair are elected annually by the members of the Subdivision Authority.

The current Subdivision Authority is made up of the following council members:

  • Clay Stumph, division 2
  • John Schonewille, division 3
  • Mayor John Whaley, division 4
  • Tanni Doblanko, division 5
  • Glenn Belozer, division 6

Subdivision Approval Process:

Leduc County Planning and Development staff receives and process all subdivision applications. A report generated by staff recommending approval or refusal (pursuant to standard established within the Leduc County's Land Use Bylaw) is then presented to the Subdivision Authority. The Subdivision Authority will either approve or refuse the subdivision application. If approved, the applicant is provided with a list of conditions that the subdivision must meet before the subdivision will be endorsed. If refused, the subdivision authority will provide the applicant with reasons for refusal and information relating to an appeal process.

Should the applicant wish to appeal the Subdivision Authority's decision, they may submit a subdivision appeal form, which will be reviewed by the Subdivision Development Appeal Board or Municipal Appeal Board (if adjacent to a highway, body of water or other provincial lands).

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