Enforcement Services Committee

The Enforcement Services Committee is a standing committee of council whose purpose is:
  • to support, facilitate and advise Council on the achievement of Leduc County Enforcement Services
  • to review community needs, policies and establish priorities
  • to report regularly to Leduc County Council on ongoing enforcement issues as directed by Council
  • to liaise with and seek the support of other enforcement bodies, government agencies or the public on enforcement issues as directed by Council


The Enforcement Services Committee consists of three councilors appointed by Council at its Annual Organizational Meeting. A chair for this committee is selected at the first committee meeting after Leduc County Council's Annual Organizational Meeting. At this first committee meeting, the chair determines the meeting schedule.

The current Enforcement Services Committee comprises:

  • Tanni Doblanko
  • Clay Stumph
  • Audrey Kelto

Nov. 13, 2014

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