Leduc County

Candidates listing

Prospective candidates for the Oct. 16 municipal election are required to register with Leduc County in advance of accepting campaign contributions (including those of the candidate), as per section 147.21 of theĀ Local Authorities Election Act, which came into force on Jan. 1, 2014.

The following individuals have submitted his or her notice of intent to become a candidate in the next municipal election; however, must still file nomination papers on nomination day (Sept. 18) in order to be considered a candidate for Leduc County council. A list of candidates will be posted following the close of nominations.

Glenn Belozer

Tanni Doblanko

Rick Smith

Clay Stumph

Jocelyn Whaley

Larry Wanchuk

Betty Glassman

Raymond Scobie

Kelly Vandenberghe

Kelly-Lynn Lewis

Shawna Dennis

Mary-Ann McDonald

Russell Barager