Leduc County

Pest control (animal and crop)

Leduc County provides programs, advice and rental equipment to aid awareness and control of specific pests. From agronomic advice to assistance in controlling predation on livestock, Agricultural Services has knowledgeable staff to aid Leduc County residents.

Animal Pests

Leduc County's full-time pest control officer enforces the Government of Alberta's Agricultural Pests Act and Regulation, providing advice and assistance to residents. The pest control officer works with property owners to help remove nuisance animals such as beavers, coyotes, Richardson's Ground Squirrels and Northern Pocket Gophers. The pest control officer's priorities are protecting Leduc County's valuable assets such as roads and bridges as well as assisting agricultural producers by preventing the predation of livestock and preventing the flooding of agricultural lands. 

For nuisance animals such as skunks, porcupines and magpies, a variety of humane live traps are available for rent to Leduc County residents. For the proper removal of nuisance animals after live capture, and issues with wildlife such as deer, bear or cougars, contact the Fish and Wildlife district office at 780-361-1250.

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency has approved registration of 2-per-cent liquid strychnine concentrate (LSC) to agricultural producers experiencing "economically significant" infestations of Richardson's Ground Squirrels on croplands and rangelands. The 2-per-cent LSC product is available only through municipal offices and its use requires training. The product is registered for use on Richardson's Ground Squirrels only and cannot be used in residential or public areas.

To manage the population of Northern pocket Gopher's, Leduc County offers residents a trapping incentive of $1 per tail, to a maximum of $150 per program participant. Leduc County residents may submit tails (dried or frozen) to the Agricultural Services department to apply for the $1-per-tail trapping incentive. Residents must provide the legal land location as confirmation that the pocket gophers were trapped from lands within Leduc County boundaries. Payment of incentive will be based on the verified number of Northern Pocket Gopher tails counted and will be made on a monthly basis, as funds remain available.

Crop Pests

Agricultural Services staff enforce the Government of Alberta's Agricultural Pests Act and Regulation, providing advice and assistance to residents. The pest control officer monitors the potential for developments of crop pest infestations and works with property owners to help prevent crop pest infestations.

Clubroot is considered a pest under the Agricultural Pests Act and it is Leduc County's policy to identify cropland within the county that has a clubroot infestation in an effort to limit the spread of the disease. Positive confirmation of clubroot in a field requires landowners to develop a management plan to limit the spread of the disease, by using some of the methods outlined in in Alberta Agriculture and Forestry's Clubroot Management Plan. The county is striving to work with the agricultural community to develop measures to deal with this disease and has developed a Control of Clubroot Disease in Canola Policy and Code of Practice for Control of Clubroot in Canola.

Fusarium graminearum is a fungal disease that can cripple wheat, barley, oat and corn crops. This cereal disease can pop up in regions unannounced and disappear when weather conditions are not favourable. Fusarium graminearum is not currently established in leduc County and allowing this disease to get a foothold in the Leduc County area could cause significant negative impacts to the agriculture industry. Fusarium graminearum is considered a pest under the Agricultural Pests Act and Regulation and Leduc County encourages producers in the region to be aware of the disease and take necessary measures to prevent the establishment of Fusarium graminearum within the municipality. 

Pest Control Rental Equipment

Leduc County landowners may rent an assortment of pest control equipment from Agricultural Services for use on private land. Please contact the department for more information. 


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