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Since June of 2016, Leduc County in collaboration with the City of Leduc have been considering a number of potential changes to the future land-use direction of the Saunders Lake area in Leduc County and the eastern Telford Lake area in the City of Leduc. 

March/April 2017 update:

Following the second round of public hearings that took place on March 14 to discuss the future of the Saunders Lake area, Leduc County council will be considering second reading of the proposed bylaws on April 4.

Whilst the public portion of the consideration process has now closed, members of the public are welcome to attend the council session to hear staff presentations and subsequent council deliberation of the recommendation.

Leduc County would like to thank you for your continued involvement and interest in the future of these lands, and are confident that the latest amendments, which have been strongly guided by public input, will provide for a positive growth scenario for the long-term future of this area.  

February 2017 update:
On February 7, Leduc County council determined that they would like to solicit feedback from local residents and interested parties in relation to the latest amendments proposed to the draft bylaws to:

  • Amend the Leduc County / City of Leduc Intermunicipal Development Plan
  • Amend the Leduc County Municipal Development Plan
  • Rescind the Saunders Lake Area Structure Plan

As a result, further public hearings will now take place on March 14, where council will hear any comments relating to the proposed changes to the bylaws made since the initial public hearings on October 25, 2016.In addition to the above, on March 14, council will also hold a further public hearing to consider the proposed Northwest Saunders Lake Area Structure Plan, which has been amended by the proponents in response to comments made at the October 2016 public hearing.   Please see the links below for further details of the upcoming public hearings, along with information on how to make comment to the proposed amendments and how to attend or address council at the hearings.

Amend the Leduc County / City of Leduc Intermunicipal Development Plan

Amend the Leduc County Municipal Development Plan

Rescind the Saunders Lake Area Structure Plan

Consider the Northwest Saunders Lake Area Structure Plan

Further details regarding the proposals, their history and how to access full copies of the relevant policies and plans can be found further down this page.

January 2017 update:

Ongoing public feedback was sought through a number of comprehensive rounds of consultation, which led to several revisions to the proposed amendments designed to address comments and concerns to ensure the most suitable and appropriate future development scenario for the area was being considered.  On October 25, 2016, the applications were considered at public hearing, where comments were heard by Council before closing the public portion of the hearing. Administration was directed to consider comments raised prior to bringing the proposals back to Council for further consideration.In response to the comments made, County and City staff have proposed further changes to the draft bylaws in order to address those comments and concerns, and as a result, will be taking the latest revisions to Council for consideration of second reading on Feb. 7. A letter with more detailed information was mailed to all adjacent landowners and can be viewed below.

At present, the long-term future growth in and around the Saunders Lake area is contemplated within a number of planning documents including, but not limited to, the following:

Each of the above documents contains a map, commonly referred to as a land use concept, which defines specific areas for specific types of use. These maps are used to guide future land uses in identified areas to ensure the orderly development of the county. The existing concept maps are detailed below:

Under the existing Saunders Lake ASP, the land uses are a mixture of residential and agricultural, with a small area also considered for business industrial. natural areas and open spaces are also defined in order to protect the lake. Within the IDP, the development concept is largely reflective of the ASP, with the notable uses being residential and transitional mixed uses. The area east of the lake does not fall within the IDP area and is therefore not considered within that plan.

Proposed changes

For a number of reasons, Leduc County and the City of Leduc are considering changes to lands in and around the Saunders Lake ASP area. The major changes being proposed are to provide for business industrial use to the west of Saunders Lake, while preserving a natural buffer to protect the lake, and to retain the lands east of the lake for long-term agricultural use.

Under the existing ASP, the majority of future growth is proposed for varying types of residential development, with the exception of a small area of business industrial development proposed along the eastern boundary of the City of Leduc (east of Nisku Spine Road, south of Airport Road).

As the county moves forward and grows, it has become apparent that the 11-year-old residentially-driven Saunders Lake ASP is becoming outdated, and as of 2016, the area has not yet begun to develop in accordance with the projected vision of 2005. Furthermore, Leduc County and the City of Leduc are working toward achieving the goals of the recently approved Aerotropolis Viability Study for the area.  

In addition to this, the Nisku Spine Road, an important arterial roadway, has been designed to link all current and future industrial development east of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway, including development within the Saunders Lake area. This same area has also recently been chosen as the preferred location to construct a substation and transmission line development project, which will eventually become part of a larger regional transmission project. As a result, developing this area for residential uses has become significantly less feasible. 

View the proposed Northwest Saunders Lake ASP


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