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As of Oct.1, 2012, RoaData Services Ltd. has assisted Leduc County with road permits. It manages the provincial TRAVIS Web system on behalf of Leduc County as well as provides permit approvals for permits not available through TRAVIS Web, such as Service Rig Moves, County TAC, Fleet Tri-Drive and Steering Annual permits. Approval fees range in price and will be charged for each permit issued, with the exception of those issued for the Nisku Industrial Business Park.

View/download Leduc County's TAC brochure.

As per the Traffic Safety Act and associated regulations, a vehicle used for farming operations is considered a commercial vehicle and must abide by legislation for commercial vehicles. This means that farm vehicles over a certain height, weight and width may require a permit when transporting cargo and all cargo must be properly secured. Vehicles with farm plates are still considered to be commercial vehicles and must abide by legislation for commercial vehicles. 

View/download Leduc County's farm equipment on roads brochure.

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Contact RoaData Services Ltd.

Service rigs: 1-888-830-7623
Heavy haul: 1-888-444-9288
Drilling rigs: 1-888-730-3745
Fax: 403-341-7467
Email: permits@roadata.com

Overweight permits

An overweight permit is required anytime an individual is requesting to move a load that is above the maximum allowable weight on a local district road within Leduc County. It is up to each vehicle operator to determine what amount you are provincially permitted to carry and advise Leduc County if you need to use any roads within the area including those in the Nisku Industrial Business Park.

You must have your Government of Alberta permit in place before you apply for a permit.

Road Use Agreements permits

Road infrastructure in Leduc County is intended for public use and Leduc County recognizes that business and industry rely upon road infrastructure. At times, demands placed upon roads by truck traffic often exceed the capacity of the roads, which can damage the roadway and render it unsafe.

Leduc County's Road Use Agreements Policy is aimed at preserving road infrastructure while minimizing publicly-funded maintenance costs and protecting the safety of all road users. Prior to undertaking any business, operation, activity or development which may require multiple loads per day, a landowner, contractor or hauler must successfully enter into a Road Use Agreement with Leduc County.

Application process

Once the completed application form is received by Leduc County, a bond amount will be determined. Before any permits are issued, Leduc County must receive the bonding in the form of a certified cheque, line of credit or bond. The individual who puts up the bond will be held responsible should any damages occur.

Note: whenever fill material is being hauled in or out of Leduc County, applicants must contact Leduc County's Planning and Development department to determine the need for a development permit. Applicants will be required to provide the development permit number when applying for a Road Use Agreement permit.

As part of the application process, applicants must contact RoaData at 1-888-730-3745 to apply for a Road Use Agreements permit. Leduc County's road use coordinator will inspect the road and note any special conditions to be included in the permit, such as dust control measures, restricted hours of hauling, etc. All trucks must carry this permit throughout the haul.

Once the haul is complete, the applicant must contact the road use coordinator to request a post-haul inspection.


Phone: 780-979-6185
After-hours road/water emergencies: 780-955-7226
Fax: 780-955-7814
Email: PWE@leduc-county.com