Leduc County

Crime prevention

The Leduc RCMP, in partnership with Leduc County, City of Leduc, Rural Crime Watch and the Leduc Nighthawks, want to help citizens create a safer home environment for themselves and their families that will also detract from unwanted criminal activity.

The most common property crimes in Leduc County include theft of property and vehicles, break and enters, mischief to property, and possession of stolen goods. Local policing agencies are working together to combat crime in the Leduc region, but they can't do it alone! Residents are the eyes and ears for policing agencies, and their tips might just be the missing link the police need to catch a criminal. Residents are encouraged to report suspicious activity by calling the RCMP at 780-980-RCMP (7267).

Crime prevention starts with you!

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is an approach to crime prevention using physical space to impact criminal decisions and behaviour. The goal of CPTED is to reduce the opportunities for crime to occur. These strategies help to make it undesirable or more difficult, leading criminals to choose other locations to commit crime.

CPTED principles can be easy and cost-effective when remodeling or building. Implementing these principles increases safety and improves the appearance of farm yards, neighbourhoods and public spaces.

Criminals learn to recognize potentially good or bad places or situations for crime. Good CPTED practices make people feel more secure.

It is our responsibility as residents and business owners to prevent crime from happening — prevention is better than detection. It is the public’s role to prevent crime, and the police’s duty to detect it.

The following actions can help make you a less desirable target for crime:

  • Lock your doors and windows, even when you are home
  • Install exterior motion lights around doors and windows
  • Get a safety deposit box for storage of important or irreplaceable documents
  • Consider installing a home and/or auto alarm system
  • Do not leave keys, garage door openers, change or other valuables in your vehicle
  • Close the gate to your home when you leave your property, as well as when you are at home
  • If you are away from home in the winter, have someone drive in and out of your driveway in the snow so tracks are visible
  • If you are away from home in the spring or summer, have someone maintain your lawn
  • Do not post on social media sites that you are away from home, as it can make you an easy target for crime


Leduc County crime map

Local RCMP detachments track reported crimes and reflect them in an interactive map, enabling the public to view information on crimes in the area, as well as view information on missing persons and stolen vehicles.

View the Alberta RCMP's crime map in a new window

Note: the points on the map are not placed at the exact location of the crime; they are placed at nearby intersections or regions.