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Valleyview (Subdivision)

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Vantage Point (Subdivision)

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Variance Application

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Vehicle Axle Weight Committee Order LS-162 (March 25, 2019)

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Vehicle Axle Weight Committee Order LS-163 (May 28, 2019)

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Village of Warburg/Leduc County Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework DRAFT

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Village of Warburg/Leduc County Intermunicipal Development Plan DRAFT

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Vistas Community Parks and Open Space Strategy

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The file includes the WAM Industrial Park Local Area Structure Plan, followed by its amendments. Created under the direction of the North Major Area Structure Plan, the WAM Local Area Structure Plan was developed to create northern extension of the Nisku Industrial Business Park east of Highway 2 and immediately adjacent to the City of Edmonton. Encompassing approximately 783 acres, this new business park will include light industrial and office park land uses along with a major regional park. The future Nisku Spine Road will cross the plan area and connect with 91 Street in Edmonton.

Warburg Rural (Subdivision)

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Water table testing procedures

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Water/Sewer Servicing and Inspection Application

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Water/Utility Services Account Application

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The Watermere Local Area Structure Plan (LASP) is a private developer proposed project. Watermere Resort is proposed to be a privately owned resort, including residential and commercial sites for recreational development, north-west of Pigeon Lake. With condominium style ownership of all facilities and infrastructure, management by the owners association will provide ongoing operational stability, supported by private funding.

Website Redevelopment Project RFP

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West Ridge Estates Outline Plan (approved)

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White Tail Country Estates (Subdivision)

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Wildland Meadows (Subdivision)

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The file includes the Wizard Lake Area Structure Plan, followed by its amendments. The Wizard Lake Area Structure Plan is a long range plan with a 25-year planning horizon. It provides a policy framework to manage growth and land uses around the lake using the current knowledge of the lake, the surrounding watershed and recreational demand. Best practices are identified in the plan to assist land owners and the County to make long term land use decisions. This plan was adopted in July 2010. In order to implement the plan, certain lands had to be redistricted. A public hearing was held as required under the Municipal Government Act to gather public input on a bylaw which would redistrict most of the land in the Wizard Lake ASP area from the Lake Watershed district to one of three proposed new districts. In September 2010, final reading was given to the bylaw amending the Land Use Bylaw.