Fire permit season now underway, permits required

Individuals wishing to burn an open fire in Leduc County must obtain a free fire permit from a local fire guardian.

In addition to helping us keep track of open burning in the county, fire permits provide Leduc County Fire Services with an opportunity to discuss safe burning practices with residents so we can work together to prevent brushfires and out-of-control burning.

Brad Gurmin, Fire Marshal

Fire permits are required each time an individual wishes to conduct an open burn, and can be obtained by calling a local fire guardian.

Fire guardians volunteer their time to provide fire permits to applicants and may not be able to respond immediately to requests. Applicants are encouraged to provide as much notice as possible in advance of an open burn.

Fire permits are not required when a fire is being used for the purpose of cooking or warmth in approved fire pits, or when the fire is contained in approved burn barrels.

There is no charge for obtaining a fire permit; however, there are penalties for burning without one and for burning while a fire restriction or fire ban is in place.

Fire permit holders must abide by all fire restrictions and bans issued for Leduc County; advisories, restrictions or bans are posted to