Borderless fire service pursued in Calmar Fire District

Town of Calmar and Leduc County councils reached an agreement in principle to establish a borderless fire service in the Calmar Fire District, effective Jan. 1, 2017.

The agreement in principle was reached on Sept. 29 by the Borderless Fire Services Agreement Committee, comprised of representatives from Town of Calmar and Leduc County council, and was supported by both councils this week.

“We are confident the borderless fire service is the best approach to ensure ratepayers in the Calmar Fire District are provided with the highest-quality fire service,” says Leduc County Mayor John Whaley.

The Calmar Fire District includes all property east of Range Road 275 and west of Range Road 262, including in the Town of Calmar. Roughly 4,100 individuals live in the Calmar Fire District, including 2,100 in the Town of Calmar and 2,000 in Leduc County.

“We are confident that, through negotiations, we have reached a mutually-beneficial agreement in principle, which will have positive outcomes for both municipalities involved and, most importantly, the ratepayers in the Calmar area,” says Town of Calmar Mayor Wally Yachimetz.

Emergency response will remain unchanged until the end of this year. Starting Jan. 1, 2017, Leduc County will begin operations of the borderless fire service in the Town of Calmar.

Leduc County expects to start constructing a new fire hall in the Town of Calmar in 2017, with the fire hall expected to be operational in 2018. Leduc County will rent the existing fire hall from the Town of Calmar until the new fire hall is operational.

The agreement in principle and related documents are being reviewed by legal counsel, and both municipalities plan to host a joint public information session in the coming weeks to share details of the agreement in principle; more details will be released shortly.