Leduc County now managing fire service in Calmar Fire District

Leduc County is ringing in the new year with a borderless fire service in the Calmar Fire District.

The borderless fire service, which is managed and operated by Leduc County, became effective Jan. 1, 2017; fire service in the district was previously provided by the Town of Calmar.

"Leduc County will build off the great work by the Town of Calmar and is committed to maintaining the service levels received by both urban and rural ratepayers in the Calmar Fire District," says Mayor John Whaley.

A borderless fire service enables Leduc County to respond to emergencies seamlessly, regardless of where an emergency occurs in Leduc County fire districts.

Leduc County will deliver all fire and disaster services in the Calmar Fire District with the Town of Calmar paying Leduc County a fixed fee for service. 

"We welcome all firefighters from the Calmar Fire District to the Leduc County Fire Services family and are proud to have such a skilled crew providing a vital service to our residents," says Darrell Fleming, Leduc County Fire Services fire chief.

Leduc County has committed to constructing a roughly $3.2-million fire hall in the Town of Calmar to serve the community for the next 40-plus years; construction is expected to begin in 2017, with the fire hall to be fully operational in 2018. Leduc County will rent the existing fire hall until the new fire hall is constructed.

The Calmar Fire District includes all property east of Range Road 275 and west of Range Road 262, including in the Town of Calmar. Roughly 4,100 individuals live in the district, including 2,100 in the Town of Calmar and 2,000 in Leduc County.