Charges down this Canada Day long weekend

Over the four-day period from June 28 to July 1, Leduc County peace officers travelled 1,252 kilometres and issued a total of 19 charges and 10 warnings for speeding, improper passing and others.

Over the same four-day period in 2018, a total of 52 charges and 27 warnings were issued. This was down from 2017, when 81 charges and 19 warnings were issued for the same time period.

We are pleased to see that the majority of residents and visitors celebrated Canada's 152 birthday responsibly. Leduc County peace officers work hard to keep the public safe and we appreciate the public's cooperation in making our community a safe place for all.

Clarence Nelson, director of Enforcement Services

Proactive patrols are important to enhancing traffic safety in Leduc County. While these patrols sometimes result in fines or warnings for motorists, these patrols also provide an opportunity for peace officers to maintain a presence in the community and educate the public about traffic safety.

Excessive speeders charged

A motorcyclist was charged after speeding more than 70 kilometres per hour over the posted speed limit on Saturday afternoon. The adult male driver from Warburg was caught speeding 161 kilometres per hour in a 90 kilometre-per-hour zone on Highway 622 near Range Road 24.

Two additional motorists were charged with speeding more than 30 kilometres per hour over the speed limit; one driver was travelling 35 kilometres per hour over the speed limit on Township Road 502 near Range Road 24 and another was travelling 37 kilometres per hour over the speed limit on Airport Road near Township Road 242.