Charges down this Labour Day long weekend

Leduc County peace officers rounded out their summer long-weekend patrols issuing fewer charges this Labour Day weekend compared to last year.

Over the four-day period from Sept. 1 to 4, peace officers issued a total of 93 charges and 42 warnings for speeding, liquor violations, intersection safety infractions and failing to produce required documents, among others.

Charges were down compared to the same holiday weekend in 2016, in which 137 charges and 23 warnings were issued.

We are pleased to see fewer charges this year; however, it is concerning that we continue to find some motorists travelling at excessive speeds and endangering the lives of others. No matter where you are heading, there is no justification for excessive speeding.

Clarence Nelson, director of Enforcement Services

One motorist, with two small children in car seats, was found to be travelling 151 kilometres per hour in a 100-kilometre-per hour zone on Highway 770 on Sunday afternoon. Later that afternoon, a driver was found travelling 40 kilometres over the posted 50-kilometre-per-hour speed limit on Highway 622 near St. Francis. A third excessive speeder was found to be travelling 98 kilometres per hour in a 60-kilometre-per-hour zone on Highway 625 on Monday evening.

In addition to excessive speeding, peace officers also located and charged three suspended drivers. In one case, the investigation was turned over to RCMP after the driver was found in possession of a stolen licence plate. Additionally, three charges were laid for trespassing on private property on Township Road 511 near Range Road 30.