Chubocha Highway renaming celebration

Former West Devon Main Road officially Chubocha Highway

West Devon Main Road is officially Chubocha Highway, named after Edward Chubocha, former Leduc County councillor, reeve and school trustee for the Black Gold Regional School Division.

Ed was always calm and collected, he was a very good person to work with on council. Renaming West Devon Main Road to Chubocha Highway was an easy decision; he did so many good things for the county throughout his 21 years of service and this is a great way to honour him.

John Whaley, Mayor of Leduc County

Family, friends and members of Leduc County council and administration celebrated the road renaming on Thursday, June 29.

Chubocha Highway runs west of Highway 60 on Township Road 504, south on Range Road 272, west on Township Road 502 and south on Range Road 275 to Highway 39. Leduc County council voted unanimously to change the name of the road at a council meeting in November 2016.