FCSS Multi-municipal Agreement

On Wednesday evening, Leduc County Mayor John Whaley, Town of Calmar Mayor Wally Yachimetz, Town of Thorsby Mayor Barry Rasch and Village of Warburg Mayor Ralph van Assen signed a revised Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) multi-municipal agreement.

The new agreement updates a previous one that had been in effect for several years. The agreement ensures the local autonomy of each municipality and also provides a best practice model of regional collaboration and support between each member of the agreement. 

We've been working together towards this updated agreement for a long time, and we're all so proud to be here today. The new agreement exemplifies the spirit of collaboration that exists between the four communities in providing FCSS services to area residents. 

Laurel Fitzsimonds, Leduc County Director of Family and Community
Support Services

FCSS services are provided in a borderless model where residents of the towns of Calmar and Thorsby and the Village of Warburg may receive services from Leduc County FCSS and conversely, Leduc County residents may receive services from any of the local FCSS offices in Calmar, Thorsby and Warburg.  

The Government of Alberta provides funding for preventative social programs and supports via a contract, which Leduc County administers on behalf of the four partners.