UPDATE: Leduc County fire ban suspended

Due to recent precipitation in the region, Leduc County has suspended its fire ban as of 8:30 a.m. on May 24, 2016.

The fire ban was issued April 1, 2016, due to dry weather conditions. Although the ban has been lifted, Leduc County Fire Services urges the public to be cautious with any outdoor burning and reminds residents that conditions may change, which can quickly increase the risk of fires. 

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Fire permits

If you wish to burn an open fire in Leduc County, you must obtain a fire permit from a fire guardian.

The permit gives authority to the permit holder to set a fire according to regulations, terms and conditions described on the permit. The permit does not relieve the permit holder of his or her responsibility of keeping the fire under control. If the county is required to extinguish a fire, the costs may be charged to the owner or occupier of the land. In the case of non-payment, these costs can be charged against the land as taxes owing.

A permit is not required when a fire is being used for the purpose of cooking or warmth, or when the fire is contained in a burn barrel covered with wire mesh and with a fire guard cleared around the barrel.

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