Leduc and Leduc County raise the bar for regional change

Leduc and Leduc County took a historical step forward today in signing a charter that greater defines their exemplary urban/rural working relationship, but also clearly vocalizes their proven ability and continued desire to put collective benefit ahead of competing interests.

The Leduc Region Prosperity Charter was signed by city and county councils, July 11, to solidify their commitment to action for the future prosperity of the Highway 2 corridor, including the Edmonton International Airport (EIA), and the Nisku and Leduc business parks, by working together to plan, service and develop this critical regional area. 

“Regional collaboration is in our blood, and today we’re taking action as leaders to help build a stronger Leduc Region, as well as be a part of future regional successes that will be found within the Metro Edmonton Region,” says Leduc Mayor Greg Krischke. “With our partners at Leduc County, we are leading by example to raise the bar by sharing a common long-term vision that’s imperative to leverage this region’s strengths, as well as Metro Edmonton’s.”

With evolving provincial expectations for municipalities, as outlined in the Modernized Municipal Government Act (MGA) and Metro Mayors’ Alliance Report, Leduc and Leduc County are making positive changes in how they operate to meet the collective needs of the Leduc Region, and indirectly, the Edmonton Metro Region.

“We recognize that the time is now to be leaders of change within the capital region to help create a brighter future for ratepayers, this region and the metro region,” says Leduc County Mayor John Whaley. “We’re changing how we do business and we welcome our municipal partners in the Metro Edmonton Region to join us.”

The Leduc Region Prosperity Charter also outlines a number of joint initiatives between the two municipalities, such as:

  • Leduc Regional Fire Services implementation plan
  • Alternate Municipal Structure Project
  • Alberta Aerotropolis
  • Leduc Transit

See the 'Leduc Region Prosperity Charter' for more details on the project!