Leduc County council approves 2017 budget, sets tax rates

Leduc County council approved the final 2017 budget and set the 2017 tax rates at its regular council meeting this afternoon.

Council approved an $81.4-million operating budget and $36.1-million capital budget, which represents a zero-per-cent municipal tax dollar budget increase over 2016.

“It's been an economically challenging year for many people in the region,” says John Whaley, mayor of Leduc County. “As a council, we wanted to help our residents by keeping Leduc County's tax rates consistent. Ninety per cent of property owners will see a property tax increase of less than $100 this year, which is substantial, especially when you take into account the provincial education property tax increase, which the county has no control over.”

The 2017 capital budget includes $9.4 million for the annual road surfacing program, $3.0 million for a new fire services building in the Calmar fire district, $3.0 million for capital equipment and vehicle purchases for protective services, $2.4 million for bridge rehabilitation and $543,000 for parks and recreation purposes.

2017 tax rates

The zero-per-cent tax dollar budget increase resulted in a minimal tax increase for most land owners. Approximately 90 per cent of Leduc County property owners can expect a property tax increase of less than $100 over 2016. Five per cent of property owners can expect an increase between $101 and $250 and the remaining five per cent can expect an increase of more than $250.

Property taxes are comprised of municipal taxes, other requisitions and the provincial education tax. Leduc County is obligated to collect the provincial education tax, as set by the Government of Alberta, as part of its property taxes. Leduc County’s total 2017 education property tax is $24.2 million, which represents an approximately 7.7 per cent, or $1.7 million, increase over 2016.

Tax notices will be mailed to residents no later than the last week of May 2017. Taxes are due by June 30, 2017.