Leduc County council approves 2018 interim budget

Leduc County council approved a 1.45 per cent tax dollar budget increase for the 2018 interim budget on Thursday, Dec. 7.

The interim municipal operating budget is set at $80.7 million, with the interim municipal capital budget set at $14.7 million. These figures represent a 1.45 per cent tax dollar budget increase over the 2017 final budget.

Leduc County council is renewing its commitment to efficient, effective county operations through the approval of the 2018 interim budget. The approved 1.45 per cent tax dollar budget increase ensures current operations are maintained or enhanced and new initiatives are developed to meet the changing needs and growing demands in the region.

Mayor Tanni Doblanko

The passing of the interim budget allows projects to proceed before the 2018 budget is given final approval and tax rates are set in early May. Notices will be mailed to all ratepayers in May after council sets the 2018 tax rates.