Leduc County council approves Agricultural Strategy

Leduc County council approved the Agriculture Strategy at its regular council meeting on July 5, 2016.

Leduc County’s Agriculture Strategy considers policy and land use planning to maintain agricultural viability across the county.

“Allowing land to be developed for agricultural use was ranked by residents as one of the top priorities for the future success of Leduc County,” says Mayor John Whaley. “The Agriculture Strategy will help protect agricultural land from fragmentation and provide development opportunities to support the diversification of agriculture in the county.”

Leduc County commissioned Serecon Inc. in August 2015 to develop the Agriculture Strategy.

After months of research and development, the strategy was presented at three separate open houses in March 2016 and feedback was solicited from producers, residents and other stakeholders. Based on the input gathered through these consultations, the strategy was further refined before once again seeking input from the public through three more open houses in April 2016.

Moving forward, the Agriculture Strategy will help shape the county’s Municipal Development Plan. This plan will guide the future of land use and policy decisions for Leduc County. The Municipal Development Plan is currently being updated and expected to be presented to the public in fall 2016.