Leduc County councillor appointed to federal coal transition task force

Leduc County Councillor Rick Smith has been appointed as the municipal representative to the Government of Canada’s Just Transition for Canadian Coal Power Workers and Communities task force.

Councillor Smith is one of only nine members from across the country who has been appointed by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change to the task force, which is responsible for providing knowledge and recommendations to the government on how to ensure a fair and successful transition for workers and communities directly impacted by the accelerated phase out of coal-fired electricity in Canada.

The task force includes representatives with expertise in sustainable development, workforce development, and the electricity sector, and representatives from labour associations, unions, and municipalities.

This is a really great opportunity to represent not only Leduc County, but all of the municipalities across Canada who will be affected by the phase-out of coal. It’s very important that we have a strong voice to speak on behalf of the region, our communities and all of our residents.

Councillor Rick Smith

The task force will visit affected stakeholder groups in each province and territory to gather information and insight on the scale and types of impact that are anticipated during the transition to clean energy. This information will then inform a report to the Minister, expected to be delivered by the end of the year.

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