Leduc County's response to Coal Community Transition Fund announcement

The provincial government announced yesterday that Leduc County will receive $250,000 in funding from the Government of Alberta’s Coal Community Transition Fund (CCTF).

The funding announced is appreciated, however, it falls significantly short of what is required to help mitigate the impacts of the government’s coal policy. In November of 2017, Leduc County submitted an application to the CCTF for $1.9 million, which was intended to serve as support for the county in the short term as the transition from coal takes place.

Leduc County is working diligently with the federal and provincial governments to secure funding to help diminish the impacts of the shift away from coal-based electricity, which will cost the county approximately $20 million.

This recent announcement is disappointing. The Government of Alberta had pledged to support community members and municipalities, like Leduc County, who are adversely affected by the transition away from coal. By not receiving the amount of funding requested, the impacts of the coal phase-out will be felt more deeply by our residents and stakeholders. We will continue to work with both levels of governments to address the consequences of this transition.

Mayor Tanni Doblanko

Leduc County is home to the Genesee Generating Station, which has a projected retirement date of 2030. The Genesee Generating Station directly and indirectly employs an estimated 450 people. Phase out of coal-fired electricity generation is expected to impact 75 households in Leduc County through loss of employment.


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