Leduc County's response to coal panel recommendations

A series of recommendations to the Government of Alberta surrounding the phase out of coal-fired electricity generation, released Friday, provide a starting point to support affected municipalities.

The phase-out of coal-fired electricity generation in the western portion of Leduc County will adversely impact the county as a whole and, more importantly, the families who depend on the industry for their livelihood.

The Government of Alberta has a responsibility to support affected municipalities like Leduc County; we welcome the panel's recommendations regarding the role of the provincial government in working with communities as the transition from coal continues. We are committed to furthering discussions with the Government of Alberta to mitigate the impacts of the phase out, and ensure we can continue to sustain our rural population in a post-coal economy.

Mayor Tanni Doblanko

Leduc County is home to the Genesee Generating Station, which has a projected end-of-life date of 2029. The county received more than $6 million in municipal taxes from Capital Power and Altalink in 2016 for this station, representing roughly 13 per cent of the county's municipal tax base.

The county will soon submit its application for the Coal Community Transition Fund. It is expected the funding awarded will be an important first step in helping to mitigate the impacts of the federal and provincial government's transition from coal-fired electricity generation on Leduc County.

Response to worker supports

Five of the 35 recommendations released Friday are aimed at supporting communities, with the remainder focused on supporting workers and First Nations.

The Genesee Generating Station directly and indirectly employs an estimated 450 people. Phase out of coal-fired electricity generation is expected to impact 75 households in Leduc County through loss of employment.

We are encouraged by the work undertaken by the provincial government to support workers amidst the coal-fired electricity generation phase-out, and believe the Coal Workforce Transition Fund will assist them in seeking new opportunities.

Mayor Tanni Doblanko

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