Recreational vehicle users reminded to keep off the crops

This weekend’s weather forecast is calling for higher temperatures than our region has experienced in weeks, and recreational vehicle users will likely be taking advantage of the warmer conditions.

Leduc County would like to remind users that some crops are still in-field and recreational vehicle usage should remain limited to highways and ditches, where permitted.

“Certain crops throughout the county have not yet been harvested, and some of these crops will still be viable in the spring,” says Garett Broadbent, director of Agricultural Services with Leduc County. “We’ve received a lot of positive reactions to this campaign, and would like to thank recreational vehicle users for their continued support of our local producers.”

“In Leduc County, recreational vehicles, including quads, dirt bikes, snowmobiles and other ATVs, are not permitted on any private property, public park, environmental reserve, recreation or exhibition grounds, municipal reserve or municipal and school reserve,” says Clarence Nelson, director of Enforcement Services with Leduc County. “Users are permitted; however, to ride in single file in the ditches along local county roads or in the parking lane of a road if they need to bypass a hazard or obstacle in the ditch.”

In November, Leduc County launched it’s keep off the crops campaign due to an extremely wet growing season.  As of Jan. 2017, an estimated 25 per-cent of crops in Leduc County remain in-field.