Leduc County


May 2 / 2019

Leduc County Hawkweed Spraying Program

Orange, Meadow and Mouse-Ear hawkweeds are classified as prohibited noxious weeds under the Alberta Weed Control Act. These weeds have the ability to spread rapidly and completely overtake established ecosystems. Once established, these weeds are extremely hard to control and remove from properties. What Leduc County is doing:Leduc County is taking a proactive approach…

Apr 30 / 2019

National Public Works Week activities

National Public Works Week takes place from May 19 to 25, and Leduc County is celebrating in a variety of ways! Visit us at two open house barbecues, take part in a county-wide scavenger hunt and encourage your children to design a public-works-themed flag! Details on all of the events are below. SCAVENGER HUNTTake a photo of each of the following items and submit them…

Apr 26 / 2019

National Public Works Week: Design a Flag contest

To celebrate National Public Works Week, which runs from May 19 to 25, Leduc County is holding a Design a Flag contest for children in the county! Children (up to age 18) are invited to design a flag in recognition of Public Works Week! Students can use their creativity to design a flag that represents what they think public works does in a community.  The winning design…

Apr 26 / 2019

Nisku Bulk Water Station temporary closure

In May, Leduc County will begin work on a major upgrade at the Nisku bulk water station, which is located at 1402 7 Street in Nisku. The upgrade will include a new station, heated concrete pads, lighting and drains. To ensure the safety of our customers and to complete construction on time, the station will be closed during construction. The closure will begin on Monday,…