Canada's Agriculture Day

Canada’s Agriculture Day takes place on Tuesday, Feb. 12. It's a day when everyone can celebrate the business of Canadian agriculture and engage in positive dialogue about agriculture and food.

Canadian agriculture is an innovative, vibrant and forward-thinking industry, which plays a significant role in economy.


  • 1 in 8 Canadian jobs are in the agriculture sector.
  • Canada is the world’s fifth largest agricultural exporter

As Canadians, we can be proud that farmers produce among the safest high-quality food for our country and the world.


  • 1,088 farms
  • 1,590 farm operators
  • More than 3 billion dollars of farm capital at market value
  • First classified by area in crops and the value of livestock and poultry in the capital region
  • Second largest county in the region based on farm receipts
  • You can find farms and producers of all types, including cereals, grains, canola, beef, dairy, pig, sheep and more

*2016 Census of Agriculture - Statistics Canada

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