UPDATE: country residential water distribution feasibility study

At the July 9 council meeting, Leduc County council reviewed a report regarding the Country Residential Water Distribution Feasibility Study and public feedback received.

After reviewing the report, council directed administration to stop all work related to the study; initiatives outlined in the study will not proceed.

The report on the study was originally scheduled to be presented to council in September; however, due to such a strong public response, it was moved ahead to July.

In 2018, Leduc County undertook a rural water servicing study to determine the feasibility, conceptual design and cost of a potable water system for a higher-density country residential area.

On June 17 and 18, Leduc County hosted two open houses to gather feedback on the draft study and the options it presented.

More than 400 residents attended the open houses and more than 350 surveys with public input were received and reviewed to help inform council’s decision.

Thank you to everyone for providing feedback and for participating in the public open houses; your participation is appreciated!

Next steps

While the draft study will not go any further, Leduc County administration will continue to investigate initiatives that improve the sustainability of water and sewer services for residents.

Leduc County will:

  1. Continue to support communal wastewater treatment initiatives by working with applicants and stakeholders to identify, assess and implement viable communal wastewater treatment systems.
  2. Complete a cost-benefit analysis to determine payback for upgrading Range Road 233 from Highway 625 to Township Road 510 so that water trucks can run at 100% year round.
  3. Continue to investigate financially feasible bulk water solutions for the study area.

For more information, please call Leduc County utilities at 780-770-9040.