Less screen time equals more time for meaningful connections with family and friends.

#Disconnect2Connect is a Leduc County FCSS initiative that promotes social well-being. Social well-being is your sense of belonging and inclusion in your community.

If you are mindful of the time you spend using technology, you will become more aware of your habits. It’s important to recognize both the advantages and disadvantages of technology and be purposeful about using it or taking time away from it. Be open to opportunities to disconnect from your devices to spend quality time with friends, family or even yourself!

Small changes can make a big difference. Ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What do you to de-stress?
  • How do you connect to others?
  • What does quality time look like in your house?
  • What hobbies or activities do you enjoy?
  • How do you know when someone is giving you their full attention?
  • What is one thing you could do to improve a relationship?
  • Do you have someone you can talk to when times are tough?

How do you #Disconnect2Connect? Find helpful resources on parenting, technology and the digital age on the Leduc County FCSS webpage.