Enforcement corner: dumping waste oil

Recently, Leduc County Enforcement Services has received a number of complaints regarding people dumping waste oil on county roads. 

Dumping waste oil on county roads is illegal. "Used oil is considered a hazardous waste or hazardous recyclable and needs to be properly disposed of" says Leduc County Peace Officer Rob Campbell. "Used oil can be taken to Sunnybrook or New Sarepta transfer stations or to the Leduc Regional Landfill for proper collection."

As per Section 179(1) of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, "no person shall dispose of waste on a highway except in a container placed for the purposes of collecting it." 

The fine for unlawful disposal of waste on a highway is $115 and the responsible party may also be held liable for the cost of the clean up. 

Please report anyone dumping oil on a county road to Leduc County Enforcement Services at 780-955-5005 or to your local RCMP detachment.