George L. Saubak Memorial Fund Scholarship

About the scholarship
Katie Dringenberg, in her last will and testament, bequest to give Leduc County the sum of
$20,000.00 for a scholarship fund for a student who attains his or her high school diploma after
attending school in the west end of the county and continues further education in the field of
medicine (including nursing, dentistry, pharmacy or veterinary medicine). The scholarship fund is
to be known as the George L. Saubak Memorial Fund.

Amount to be awarded
The amount of the scholarship shall be determined by the interest accumulated on the scholarship
donated during the preceding year. This amount may vary from year to year depending on the
interest rate which the fund had been invested at. Only one award will be made in any one year.

The deadline for applications is Friday, August 31. For more information on eligibility and how to
apply, please visit our scholarships and awards page.