Brand Strategy Survey - help us tell the Leduc County story!

Our brand is the story that comes to mind when people think about Leduc County. While our logo is one of the key elements of our brand, it’s only part of the story. Our brand is everything from our marketing materials to the experience people have using our services. It tells people who we are, what we do and why we do it.

We’re improving how we tell our story to all audiences, from residents and visitors to businesses and other stakeholders.

We are developing a strategy for how to use our brand more effectively. A brand strategy will help us better promote our county by reaching target audiences with higher impact.

Your input is valuable. As someone who interacts with the Leduc County brand, your ideas and perspectives are extremely important to this process. We welcome your responses to this survey and will be incorporating them directly into the Leduc County brand strategy.

Take the brand strategy survey today!