Leduc County Hawkweed Spraying Program

Orange, Meadow and Mouse-Ear hawkweeds are classified as prohibited noxious weeds under the Alberta Weed Control Act. These weeds have the ability to spread rapidly and completely overtake established ecosystems. Once established, these weeds are extremely hard to control and remove from properties.

What Leduc County is doing:
Leduc County is taking a proactive approach by strategically targeting infestations of hawkweed less than five acres. Leduc County has a Hawkweed Spraying Program to give landowners an additional option in stopping the spread of these highly invasive weeds. The program covers all invasive species of hawkweed, including Orange, Meadow and Mouse-Ear hawkweeds.

What you need to know about hawkweed:

  • It’s a perennial weed that has very high seed production and the ability to reproduce through lateral stolons or rhizomes.
  • Most species of hawkweed are characterized by low rosette basal leaves with a single stem growing up to 70cm and produces orange or yellow flowers that will bloom several times a year.
  • Control options are limited. It’s recommended you use herbicides registered for use on Hieracium spp./hawkweeds or hand digging where all stolons and roots can be removed.
  • If you are grazing livestock, hawkweed will decrease the amount and quality of grass available and will thrive in over-grazed areas.

Download the hawkweed spraying program application form.

View more information on the Hawkweed Spraying Program.

The above-listed information was sourced from Alberta Invasive Species.