Nisku Bulk Water Station temporary closure

In May, Leduc County will begin work on a major upgrade at the Nisku bulk water station, which is located at 1402 7 Street in Nisku. The upgrade will include a new station, heated concrete pads, lighting and drains. To ensure the safety of our customers and to complete construction on time, the station will be closed during construction. The closure will begin on Monday, May 6. The station is scheduled to reopen in August.

During the closure, there will be two alternative locations in Nisku for haulers to receive water. There is also a bulk water station in New Sarepta that customers can utilize as well. All three stations will require customers to connect to a two or three-inch male cam lock with their hose. There are no overhead fill options at these stations.

Once complete, the upgraded station will not have overhead fill options. Instead, it will have a two-inch and three-inch male cam lock connection approximately four feet above the ground. Leduc County will no longer be providing overhead fill options at our bulk water fill stations due to customer safety concerns (such as fall hazards from vehicles). It is also important to protect potable water quality for users. Overhead systems have a higher risk of cross contamination due to submerged overhead hose in tanks.

Leduc County appreciates your patience as we upgrade the Nisku Bulk Water Station during the summer of 2019. We anticipate the construction to be complete in August of 2019.

Locations of alternative Leduc County bulk water stations:

  • East end of 37 Avenue east of Spine Road, Nisku: two-inch and three-inch cam lock connections; no overhead. (View map)
  • East end of 9 Avenue east of 9 Street, Nisku: two-inch and three-inch cam lock connections; credit card terminal. (Available starting May 7) (View map)
  • 4991 Centre Avenue, New Sarepta: two-inch cam lock connection; lower flow rate than the Nisku stations; credit card terminal.

Note: the 9 Avenue location will be available starting May 7. Haulers can use the station located on 37 Avenue or in New Sarepta on May 6.

For more information and updates during the construction period, please visit Alternatively, you may contact the Public Works and Engineering department at 780-979-6185. Thank you for your patience during this upgrade.