Road bans now in effect

Beginning Tuesday, April 10 at 8 a.m., road bans will be in effect for all local roads in Leduc County. 

Those wishing to haul equipment or materials in excess of these bans must contact Roadata at 1-888-444-9288 to obtain permits.

Note to agricultural producers and commercial haulers: if you are planning to haul grain or other cereal crops, you must get a permit (should your load weights exceed road bans). You may be eligible for a free road ban exemption permit, allowing you to haul during road ban season. Contact RoaData or call 1-888-444-9288, to obtain this permit.

View the road ban order here.

For more information on road bans, please visit the roads section of the Leduc County website.

To speak with someone regarding road bans, please call 780-979-6185.