Sewer transfer station upgrades

Leduc County’s sewer transfer station was recently upgraded to meet Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission upgrade requirements and improve accessibility for users.

Along with these improvements are changes to the accessibility of the transfer station. Users can continue to use their access ID number and PIN, or they can obtain an access card from Leduc County’s Finance department. The card will provide access at the gate when the user is within seven feet of the terminal. The card can also be used at the receiving station at the terminal, which requires the user to be within two inches of the card reader. Using the card eliminates the need to enter an access number and PIN, but the generator code and the manifest will still need to be entered after the card has been read.

Trucks that are currently registered as haulers with the county can pick up their cards at the  Leduc County’s Finance department. After Feb. 28,  new access cards will cost $30 and replacement access cards will cost $40 as per Utilities Fees and Charges Bylaw 37-18. To apply for a new card, fill out the Sewer Transfer Station Card application form.

The hose connections at the receiving station are a six-inch female camlock.  As a courtesy, the county has initially provided one six-inch hose, but this may not be the best option for all users. Haulers are required to provide their own hose, which must connect to the six-inch female camlock. 

As of Jan. 2, haulers will not be permitted to discharge their loads into the manhole ports, but must connect to the station as per county bylaws and procedures. Please ensure haulers do not follow another truck through the gate. Each truck is assigned its own access number and PIN or access card, which must be entered at the gate access terminal. Procedures are posted at the station; haulers found to be in violation of these procedures may be subject to station access denial and/or penalties. View the Wastewater Services Bylaw 35-18.

On Dec. 11, 2018, Leduc County passed the 2019 Fees and Charges Utilities Bylaw 37-18. The current rate is $20.25 per axle for the Nisku Sewer Transfer Station.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to this new system. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Public Works and Engineering department at:

Phone: 780-979-6185
After hours emergency contact: 780-979-6199