Leduc County

Economic Development

Leduc County has an economic advantage. Strategically located within major air, rail and road networks, the county is home to the Nisku Business Park, Edmonton International Airport, and Genesee Generating Station, all of which provide thousands of jobs to people in the region.  

Growth and diversification of investment is one of the keys to the our future — and the county's Economic Development program provides support and resources to the businesses who call Leduc County home. 

Leduc County's Economic Development program works to grow the county through business and development retention and expansion. This is done by fostering an environment that promotes innovation, job creation, new investment and growing the local economy.

The economic development function:

  • acts as a conduit to the business community with the ability to support, encourage and advise local businesses;
  • works closely with the planning and development department and council to ensure an understanding and awareness of economic development;
  • strives to have key decision makers be a part of creating a ‘pro-business’ environment; and
  • works to build community capacity.

Business attraction within the Edmonton Metropolitan Region is primarily handled by Edmonton Global. As the first fully regional economic development corporation in the area, Edmonton Global works to promote the region globally, and is focused on attracting and retaining business investment and trade.