Leduc County

Budget process

Leduc County's Finance department is responsible for leading the development of the annual operating and capital budgets. The operating budget plans for the day-to-day operational costs to provide services to county residents and businesses, while the capital budget plans for the purchases of assets and infrastructure, such as roads and water lines, which provide long-term value to the county.

Through the budget process, the county will identify the source of funding to cover the costs. These sources may include property taxes, service fees, government grants, financial reserves or borrowings.

Developing the budget is a two-stage process. First, an interim budget is approved in December of each year to provide a general plan for services and related expenditures. Once the Government of Alberta releases its budget – typically in March – Leduc County can confirm information about available grant funding and will make any other necessary adjustments to its interim budget. In May, Leduc County council will proceed with approving a final budget and will set the municipal tax rates for the year.

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