Leduc County

Enforcement Services

Leduc County Enforcement Services provides municipal enforcement and dog control services to the Leduc County region. The unit is comprised of five full-time community peace officers and one contract dog control officer working to ensure compliance with bylaws and investigate incoming complaints.

Compliance checks include but are not limited to seatbelt checks and commercial vehicle inspections. Spot enforcement operations are also conducted in high-traffic or problem areas in the county.

Leduc County peace officers operate under the authority of the Solicitor General's office, and must abide by the procedures listed in the Peace Officer Act.

Leduc County peace officers enforce the following legislation and regulations:

As per provincial and federal regulations, Leduc County peace officers are prohibited from responding to firearms calls. These must be reported to RCMP.

RCMP contacts

Emergencies or crime-in-progress: 911
Thorsby/Breton RCMP (24-hour dispatch line): 780-789-3950
Leduc RCMP (24-hour dispatch line): 780-980-7267
Beaumont RCMP (24-hour dispatch line): 780-929-7400
Devon RCMP (24-hour dispatch line): 780-987-3413
Edmonton International Airport RCMP (24-hour dispatch line): 780-890-4333

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Phone: 780-955-5005
Fax: 780-955-5557
Email: enforcement@leduc-county.com