Leduc County

Municipal Development Plan update

Leduc County has completed drafting its Municipal Development Plan (MDP). The MDP will guide future growth and development within the county for the next 30 years.

A public hearing on proposed bylaw 16-17 to adopt a new MDP was held on Aug. 15. View the council report.

Administration is currently considering options on how best to address the feedback received. Once complete, a report will be prepared and presented to council at a workshop in late September. It is anticipated that in early November, the draft MDP can be finalized, a new bylaw to adopt the MDP can be established and another public hearing can be held to allow the public further input.

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Project timeline and engagement

Phase one was called "project kick-off." In this phase, Leduc County launched the MDP update project and shared important information about the existing MDP as well as some of the challenges the county faces as it continues to grow.

Phase two was called "creating the vision." In this phase, Leduc County worked closely with the public to create a vision. Through public workshops and online tools, Leduc County worked to understand resident’s values, goals and priorities for future growth.

The feedback received from residents in phase two was compiled in our What We Heard Report: Phase Two. All feedback was used to inform the Preliminary Directions report, which outlines draft concepts and policies for the MDP. 

Phase three was called "building solutions together." In this phase, Leduc County presented draft concepts and policies to the public, and solicited feedback at workshops and through online tools to ensure the vision developed in phase two was accurately captured. This feedback has been compiled in our What We Heard Report: Phase 3.

Phase four is called "sharing results." In this phase, Leduc County presented the draft MDP to the public at a series of open houses on July 11, 12 and 13. The feedback received has been compiled in our What We Heard Report: Final – Sharing Results.

MDP photo contest submissions

In support of Leduc County’s Municipal Development Plan Update, Leduc County hosted an amateur photo contest from Sept. 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. Residents were asked to help capture the character of Leduc County and submit their photo for the public to vote on.

View the MDP photo contest submissions

Learn more

Leduc County is growing. According to the Capital Region Growth Plan, more than 14,000 people call Leduc County home and more than 18,000 people work in the county. According to one scenario in Leduc County's draft Economic Development and Growth Management Strategy, population is projected to reach 44,766 people by 2045 with a total of 48,330 people employed in the county.

So much has changed since Leduc County's MDP was approved in 1999. New legislation, regulations and acts have been introduced, new studies have been completed, new development concepts have emerged and the county has simply evolved.

The Municipal Development Plan update will address a number of topics. Click on the below topics to view/download the related topic sheet.

Leduc County is committed to ensuring all members of the public have an opportunity to participate in the MDP update. For a detailed breakdown of the engagement activities planned, please see the below plan.


Laurie Johnson, Senior Planner/MDP Update Project Manager
Phone: 780-955-6405
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