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Parks Strategy - Vistas Community

In 2010, Leduc County approved the East Vistas Local Area Structure Plan. The approval of this plan has led to the start of urban service provision for Leduc County.

As a new community with an expected population of 23,000 at completion, there is an opportunity to provide parks and park infrastructure that is consistent across the community as it grows.

The objective of this project is to prepare a long-term Park Strategy for the Vistas community growth area. Through this strategy project, planning will ensure that a sound financial strategy is in place to guide public open space infrastructure to support needs in the community. This strategy will also act as a tool for developers, residents and Leduc County to use to work toward a common vision for parks in this area.

The Vistas developments historically included country residential subdivisions. The proposed strategy will plan for the new urban growth areas of the Vistas and consider input from existing residents and stakeholders. The strategy will reflect the context of the area and the availability of nearby open space and recreation infrastructure. It is also recognized that the open space has environmental characteristics and a related ecological value.

This strategy will provide the standards required for consistency with financial directives that ensure the vision for the Vistas community is both efficient and sustainable for the county over time.

The strategy will consider the neighbouring community of Beaumont; to ensure that the visions of Leduc County and the Town of Beaumont are consistent while ensuring and encouraging partnership and collaboration where possible.

This plan is not intended to address community service needs such as fire, police or other county department needs and is focused solely on providing appropriate reserves for recreation/school needs. Through this strategy, Leduc County wants to find a balance between the services provided through development and those required by Leduc County in the future. The plan will have the flexibility to adapt to community needs over time.

For more information, please contact Nicholaus Moffatt, Parks Planning Supervisor with Leduc County, at 780-770-9265 or Nicholaus@leduc-county.com

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Vistas Parks Strategy open house

You’re invited! Leduc County is hosting an open house to discuss the preparation of a long-term parks strategy for the Vistas community growth area. The parks strategy will address the following:

  • urban park design and placement, including school reserves
  • financial strategy to guide park infrastructure development
  • toolbox for developers, residents and Leduc County to work toward a common park vision with appropriate amenities

The Vistas parks strategy will ensure Leduc County plans for and provides appropriate park spaces and amenities to its residents within the Vistas area. The open house will allow residents to provide input and feedback on, but not limited to, the following:

  • park and school reserve placement
  • park amenities
  • Trail connectivity, placement and standards
  • natural/treed area protection
  • active vs. passive recreation parks
  • sportsfield development

Representatives from Leduc County and IBI Group will be on hand to answer questions and gather input.The open house will be drop-in style with no formal presentations planned, but information will be displayed and comment cards will be available. The open house takes place as follows:

Date: Wednesday, June 6
Time: 5 to 7 p.m.
Place: Royal Oaks Park beside the pond
3003 61 Ave NE, Leduc County

Bring the whole family - Leduc County Parks and Recreation staff will have children’s activities set up, including a bouncy castle, face painting and crafts. Please note the children’s activities will be weather dependant.

For more information, please contact Nicholaus Moffatt, Parks Planning Supervisor with Leduc County, at 780-770-9265

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