Leduc County


Leduc County's dedicated staff maintain approximately 2,152 kilometres of roadway, including 1,734 kilometres of gravel road and 396 kilometres of asphalt-surfaced road.

Submit a road concern.

Note: the Government of Alberta is responsible for maintenance, construction and snow removal on all numbered highways, including highways 2, 19, 625 and 39. If you have a road concern for a provincial, or numbered, highway, please contact EMCON at 1-800-390-2242.


Phone: 780-979-6185
After-hours road/water emergencies: 780-955-7226
Fax: 780-955-7814
Email: PWE@leduc-county.com

Approach guidelines

An approach links a private parcel of land to a county road. Parcels of land equal to or less than 10 acres (four hectares) are limited to one access approach. Any larger parcels of land are limited to two access approaches.

If approved, the approach must be constructed to Leduc County specifications and must receive final approval from Leduc County upon completion. Any access approach not approved by Leduc County Public Works and Engineering will be removed at the expense of the registered landowner.

View/download the approach application and guidelines

2019 construction program and road notices

Each year, Leduc County undertakes a comprehensive construction program to keep county roads and other infrastructure as safe as possible for the traveling public. Because of the inclement weather this year, over 25 full work days have been lost.

Despite these unforeseeable delays, Leduc County will make every effort to complete the entire 2019 construction program as planned. Public Works and Engineering staff continue to re-evaluate projects on a regular basis to determine if they can still be completed on schedule, or if it is necessary to defer them to the 2020 construction season to minimize any inconvenience to the public.

Upcoming/current projects

The ongoing construction project in New Sarepta has its own dedicated webpage; view the latest information on construction in New Sarepta






Township Road 500, west of Range Road 255 Full road closure to remove girders from bridge and perform repairs. Nov. 18 Dec. 1 Full, long-term closure.
Intersection of Range Road 274 and Township Road 494 Culvert replacement and other work. Both Range Road 274 and Township Road 494 will be closed. Sept. 23 Nov. 20 Full, long-term closure

2019 road program


2019 Rural Road Initiatives

More than 50 sections of rural roads throughout Leduc County will receive a much-needed facelift during the 2019 summer construction season.

The areas have been identified as those most in need of improvement, as part of the county’s Rural Roads Initiative program.

Construction will include base, drainage, ditching and side slope repairs as well as shoulder pulls. 

For more information, please contact Public Works and Engineering at 780-979-6185.

Rural Road Initiatives map


Dust suppression

Dust suppression is a method of stabilizing the light materials on the surface of a gravel road. Once applied, the dust that would normally be generated from passing vehicles is minimized.

Leduc County residents who live beside county gravel roads are eligible for dust suppression services. Following the submission of the dust suppression application form and prepayment of the calculated fee, Leduc County will apply dust suppression strips to the identified road surface. Please note that the scheduling of this work will be subject to the county's regular dust suppression program priorities and will be combined with other requests in the same geographical area as much as possible to maximize cost effectiveness.

Dust suppression will be undertaken in accordance with Leduc County's Dust Suppression Fees for Service policy. 

The 2019 dust suppression application deadline is May 5, 2019.

Calcium Chloride (CaCl) dust suppression

Download the application

As per the Dust Suppression Fees for Service policy, all residents desiring a calcium chloride dust control product on the county road adjacent to their residence will be required to complete an application form and prepay a fee of $350, plus GST, for the first 122 metres (400 feet); Leduc County provides a subsidy of $608.92 for this strip. Dust suppression requested beyond 122 metres (400 feet) will be charged at $7.86 per metre, plus GST.

Two applications of product will be applied for every residence applying for this dust suppression product. Application of the dust suppression product will begin once road bans are lifted and weather conditions allow. The second dust suppression application will be applied approximately six-to-eight weeks following the first application.

Incorporated DL10 dust suppression

Download the application

As per the Dust Suppression Fees for Service policy, all residents desiring an incorporated DL10 dust control product on the county road adjacent to their residence will be required to complete an application form and to prepay a fee of $2,945.27, plus GST, for the first 122 metres (400 feet). Leduc County provides a subsidy of $618.35 for this strip. Dust suppression requested beyond 122 metres (400 feet) will be charged at $29.21 per metre, plus GST.

Road bans

A temporary 75 per cent road ban is in effect for the following area:

Township Road 504 between Range Road 271 and Range Road 272, and Range Road 272 between Township Road 502 and Township Road 504

Learn more here

View the vehicle axle weight order for the temporary road ban

View the vehicle axle weight order for lifted road bans.

View the summer 2019 road ban map here.

Road bans e-newsletter

Sign up today to receive up-to-date information on road bans in Leduc County. The Leduc County electronic road bans newsletter will contain notices and date reminders for road bans. Sign up here.

About road bans

Road bans are applied annually by Leduc County in an effort to protect Leduc County road infrastructure when it is at its weakest. Each spring, local roads in Leduc County may be banned at a reduced axle weight. These bans will be posted in a Vehicle Axle Weight Order. Generally, bans are lifted depending on weather conditions throughout late May or early June.

Those wishing to haul equipment/materials in excess of road bans must contact RoaData or call 1-888-444-9288, to obtain permits. 

Note to agricultural producers and commercial haulers: if you are planning to haul grain or other cereal crops, you must get a permit (should your load weights exceed road bans). You may be eligible for a free road ban exemption permit, allowing you to haul during road ban season. Contact RoaData or call 1-888-444-9288, to obtain this permit.

Road bans FAQs

When are bans placed on county roads?
Generally, road bans are placed on Leduc County roads in late March or April depending on weather conditions.

How do I know what percentage a road is banned at?
An updated list is posted above, providing information on the roads in the county and their associated ban percentages. Road bans vary depending on the specified road and area of the county.

Does Leduc County have roads that are banned year-round?
Yes. All roads that have a cold-mix surface located in any subdivision in Leduc County are banned at 75 per cent throughout the year. If you require a permit to haul above the posted legal limit please call RoaData at 1-888-444-9288 to arrange for a special permit. This permit may be subject to approval based on weather conditions and review with the public works area foreman.

I'm an agricultural producer. How do road bans impact me?
If you are planning to haul grain or other cereal crops, you must get a permit (should your load weights exceed road bans). You may be eligible for a free road ban exemption permit, allowing you to haul during road ban season. Contact RoaData or call 1-888-444-9288, to obtain this permit.

How do I know when the road bans have been lifted?
An updated Vehicle Axle Weight Order is posted above indicating the increase of allowable percentages. Generally, bans are lifted sometime in late May or early June, depending on weather conditions for that particular year.

Does my Government of Alberta permit allow me to operate above the posted ban limits? 
No. You must obtain permission from Leduc County any time you wish to haul a load that is above the ban limit. A special permit may be granted depending on weather conditions and approval of the public works area foreman.

No truck route

No Heavy Truck Route – Traffic Bylaw 27-18

Leduc County no truck routes:

  1. Range Road 240, between Highway 625 and Township Road 510
  2. Range Road 244A, between Highway 625 and Township Road 502
  3. Range Road 245, between Highway 625 and Township Road 510
  4. Township Road 505, between Range Road 244 and Range Road 245
  5. Township Road 510, from Range Road 243 (north) to Range Road 244 (north)
  6. Township Road 505, from Range Road 241 to Range Road 240

View the no truck route map.

Road permits

As of Oct.1, 2012, RoaData Services Ltd. has assisted Leduc County with road permits. It manages the provincial TRAVIS Web system on behalf of Leduc County as well as provides permit approvals for permits not available through TRAVIS Web, such as Service Rig Moves, County TAC, Fleet Tri-Drive and Steering Annual permits. Approval fees range in price and will be charged for each permit issued, with the exception of those issued for the Nisku Industrial Business Park.

View/download Leduc County's TAC brochure.

As per the Traffic Safety Act and associated regulations, a vehicle used for farming operations is considered a commercial vehicle and must abide by legislation for commercial vehicles. This means that farm vehicles over a certain height, weight and width may require a permit when transporting cargo and all cargo must be properly secured. Vehicles with farm plates are still considered to be commercial vehicles and must abide by legislation for commercial vehicles. 

View/download Leduc County's farm equipment on roads brochure.

View Alberta Transportation's Carrier Services FAQs

Contact RoaData Services Ltd.

Service rigs: 1-888-830-7623
Heavy haul: 1-888-444-9288
Drilling rigs: 1-888-730-3745
Fax: 403-341-7467
Email: permits@roadata.com

Overweight permits

An overweight permit is required anytime an individual is requesting to move a load that is above the maximum allowable weight on a local district road within Leduc County. It is up to each vehicle operator to determine what amount you are provincially permitted to carry and advise Leduc County if you need to use any roads within the area including those in the Nisku Industrial Business Park.

You must have your Government of Alberta permit in place before you apply for a permit.

Road Use Agreements permits

Road infrastructure in Leduc County is intended for public use and Leduc County recognizes that business and industry rely upon road infrastructure. At times, demands placed upon roads by truck traffic often exceed the capacity of the roads, which can damage the roadway and render it unsafe.

Leduc County's Road Use Agreements Policy is aimed at preserving road infrastructure while minimizing publicly-funded maintenance costs and protecting the safety of all road users. Prior to undertaking any business, operation, activity or development which may require multiple loads per day, a landowner, contractor or hauler must successfully enter into a Road Use Agreement with Leduc County.

Application process

Once the completed application form is received by Leduc County, a bond amount will be determined. Before any permits are issued, Leduc County must receive the bonding in the form of a certified cheque, line of credit or bond. The individual who puts up the bond will be held responsible should any damages occur.

Note: whenever fill material is being hauled in or out of Leduc County, applicants must contact Leduc County's Planning and Development department to determine the need for a development permit. Applicants will be required to provide the development permit number when applying for a Road Use Agreement permit.

As part of the application process, applicants must contact RoaData at 1-888-730-3745 to apply for a Road Use Agreements permit. Leduc County's road use coordinator will inspect the road and note any special conditions to be included in the permit, such as dust control measures, restricted hours of hauling, etc. All trucks must carry this permit throughout the haul.

Once the haul is complete, the applicant must contact the road use coordinator to request a post-haul inspection.


A roundabout is a circular intersection where drivers travel in a counterclockwise direction around a central island. Drivers enter the roundabout by yielding to traffic already in the roundabout and exit at their desired street. Roundabouts are often confused with other circular intersections that are commonly referred to as "rotaries" or "traffic circles" (information taken from roundaboutresources.org).

Roundabout safety benefits

Four-leg, single-lane roundabout animation

Winter operations

Leduc County's dedicated staff maintain local roadways, while the Government of Alberta is responsible for snow and ice removal on all numbered highways.

Leduc County's winter roadway maintenance (snow and ice removal) is accomplished using motor graders equipped with wings, and plow trucks equipped with snowplows, wings and sanders. Plow trucks are used on asphalt-surfaced roads and spread sand and salt in icy conditions.

During the winter months, a team of two early-watch employees patrol paved and asphalt-surfaced roads throughout Leduc County for conditions that either make a road impassable or require maintenance, such as icy road surfaces, excessive drifting or large volumes of snow on the road. The early-watch team dispatches plow trucks and graders to clear the roads, as needed. The early-watch team also monitors gravel road conditions when snowfall or wind conditions warrant. If gravel road conditions deteriorate due to snowfall or drifting beyond the standard of the snow removal policy, the early-watch team will dispatch graders.

The severity of snowfall or ice conditions dictates the timing of snow and ice removal operations. Leduc County roads shall be passable within 48 hours of when the road became impassable. Roads will also be inspected prior to and after each snowfall. County roads will generally be in acceptable condition within 96 hours.

Although Leduc County provides driveway clearing for its residents (upon request), response priority is to clear the main roads first. While asphalt and gravel road clearing often occurs simultaneously, the road clearing priority is main roads, gravel roads/subdivisions and driveways.

Gravelling Program

Leduc County Public Works and Engineering provides gravel road maintenance to ensure the integrity and safety of a roadway is maintained over the lifetime of a road. Approximately one third of county gravel roads are gravelled annually. Gravelling operations typically occur from November through to March each year. Other gravelling occurs as road conditions require.

Snowplowing services for private driveways

When requested, Leduc County provides snowplowing services for private driveways up to three times per season free of charge. Residents are also eligible to receive grading services once per season free of charge. Any additional snow plowing services requested by a Leduc County resident will be subject to a charge as per the most current version of the Leduc County Schedule of Fees and Charges.

To request snowplowing services for private driveways, please fill out the below form. If you do not have a signed agreement in place, please submit the service agreement via fax to 780-955-7814. All other inquiries can be directed to snow@leduc-county.com or 780-955-7226. Please note that scheduling of this work is subject to road conditions or in accordance with Leduc County's Snow Removal - Private Driveways policy.

View/download the snowplowing service agreement application

Submit a snowplow request for your private driveway

Clearing snow on private sidewalks - concerns

Leduc County is not responsible for clearing snow off of private sidewalks. If you have a concern or complaint regarding snow on private sidewalks, please call 780-955-5005.