Leduc County


Leduc County council sets the tax rates in May each year, with notices mailed to all Leduc County ratepayers shortly after. Taxes are due by the last day of June each year.

Taxes owing is calculated by taking the assessed value of a property and multiplying it by the appropriate tax rate; Leduc County has different tax rates for different assessment classes including residential, non-residential, farmland, machinery and equipment, and linear property.

Use Leduc County's Property Tax Calculator to estimate your property taxes

Paying your taxes

Leduc County accepts payments in-person with cash, cheque (payable to Leduc County) or debit at Leduc County Centre during regular business hours; credit cards are not accepted. Cheques can also be mailed to Leduc County, at the below address:

Leduc County Centre
101, 1101 5 Street
Nisku, AB | T9E 2X3

After hours, payments can be deposited in the envelope depository at the north entrance of Leduc County Centre. Tax payments can also be processed through online or telephone banking. Online payments can be set up through your online banking, with "Leduc County Taxes" selected as the payee. Please note: you will be required to enter your tax roll number when setting up an online payment.

Leduc County ratepayers may also be eligible to enroll in the Tax Instalment Payment Plan, which allows them to pay taxes with monthly instalments; see below for details.

Tax rates

2019 tax rates

Leduc County council approved the following 2019 tax rates on April 23, 2019.

  Residential Farmland Non-residential Machinery & Equipment Designated Industrial Property
Municipal Operating 3.3800 13.6200 6.9500 6.9500 --
Education Requisitions 2.5650 2.5650 3.7600 -- --
Leduc Foundation 0.0270 0.0270 0.0270 0.0270


Designated Industrial Property -- 0.0786 0.0786 -- 0.0786

2018 tax rates

Leduc County council approved the following 2018 tax rates on May 8, 2018.

  Residential Farmland Non-residential Machinery & Equipment Designated Industrial Property
Municipal Operating 3.2900 13.5900 6.8700 6.8700 --
Education Requisitions 2.5650 2.5650 3.7600 -- --
Leduc Foundation 0.0200 0.0200 0.0200 0.0200


Designated Industrial Property -- 0.0341 0.0341 -- 0.0341


Education Property Tax

Leduc County is required by provincial legislation to collect taxes on behalf of the Government of Alberta as well as the St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic and Black Gold Regional school divisions. While the county bills and collects school taxes, the municipality has no jurisdiction or input in school board operations or budgets.

Because the Government of Alberta did not adopt the 2019 budget prior to the provincial election, the exact amount of education taxes to be collected has not yet been determined. Leduc County has maintained the education tax rate from 2018. Once the newly elected provincial government adopts its budget and sets the education property tax amount for 2019, any difference will be reflected on your 2020 property tax bill. 

If you have questions regarding the provincial education property tax portion of your taxes, please contact Alberta Education at 780-422-7125.

Learn more about the Provincial Education Property Tax

Tax Instalment Payment Plan

The Tax Instalment Payment Plan allows Leduc County taxpayers to pay their property taxes in monthly instalments.

Instalment amounts are calculated by taking the total taxes owing — calculated by taking the assessed value of a property and multiplying it by the appropriate tax rate — and dividing by 12 to establish the monthly payment amount.

The instalment amounts are adjusted twice annually in each January and June; the January adjustments reflects the updated assessment value of a property while the June adjustment reflects the updated tax rate, which is set by Leduc County council in May. Members of the Tax Instalment Payment Plan will receive a notice in advance of each adjustment indicating the new instalment amount, and the adjusted amount will automatically be processed on the first banking day of the month.

Taxpayers can enroll in this program at any time in the calendar year, as long as all arrears are paid and the current year's taxes owing (pro-rated portion) plus any assessed penalties are paid. Taxpayers are eligible to participate in this program if they have chequing privileges at a financial institution and do not currently pay taxes through a mortgage company.

Payments may only be made by automatic withdrawal from an account with chequing privileges. Leduc County does not charge for this service; however, bank service charges may apply.

Participants may withdraw from the plan by giving notice at least two weeks before their next payment date. If a participant withdraws or their plan is cancelled, all unpaid taxes become due and are subject to applicable penalties. If any payments are missed, Leduc County may cancel the agreement and request payment of the total outstanding taxes plus applicable penalties. Please see the links below for applicable forms and applications. Completed forms can be sent to TIPPforms@leduc-county.com.

Tax instalment payment plan application form

Tax instalment payment plan cancellation form

Tax instalment payment plan change form

Change of address

Leduc County's source of information for mailing assessment/tax notices is the Government of Alberta's Land Titles office.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to keep land titles records up to date and accurate. As per the Municipal Government Act, an assessment/tax notice is considered to be received seven days after its mailing.

If there are any changes to your mailing address, landowners much fill out the Change of Address form and submit to the Alberta Land Titles office. 

In addition to notifying Alberta Land Titles, you must also notify Leduc County of any mailing address changes. Property owners can notify Leduc County by completing our Change of Address form.

Alternately, you can fill out and submit an online form, located here.

Tax Certificate requests

Property owners can request a property tax certificate by faxing the request to 780-955-3444. A service fee, as detailed in Leduc County's Fees and Charges Bylaw, is billed to the applicant and the property tax certificate is typically provided within two business days.

For more information on obtaining a Tax Certificate, please email reception@leduc-county.com.

Frequently asked questions

What is the tax rate bylaw?

Each spring, Leduc County council sets the property tax rate by way of a tax rate bylaw. This tax rate is then used to determine the amount of tax each property owner must pay. Property taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessed value of your property, as indicated on your assessment notice, by the tax rate.

How is the property tax rate set?

Council approves Leduc County's interim operating budget in late fall each year. As part of this process, council considers the revenue sources available to cover expenditures. The revenue expected from provincial grants, utility revenues, and user fees are subtracted from the total expected expenditures to determine the property tax amount required for that year.

What is the difference between municipal and provincial property tax?

Leduc County collects municipal property tax to pay for services, facilities and projects in the county. This includes everything from fire and enforcement services to snow clearing, street sweeping and community support services. Each year, the province sets an education property tax rate. These funds are collected by the county for the Government of Alberta to fund schools across the province. Leduc County council cannot change the education rates set by the province.

When will I receive my tax notice?

Tax notices are mailed out by the end of May each year.

When are property taxes due?

Tax payments are due by the last day of June each year.

Will I be mailed a payment receipt?

No, payment receipts will be mailed upon request.

Is there a penalty for not paying my taxes on time?

With the exception of taxes paid under the tax instalment payment plan, unpaid taxes are subject to the following late payment penalties:

  • July 1: six per cent on all current taxes
  • November 1: six per cent on all current and arrears of taxes
  • March 1: six per cent on all arrears of taxes

Property owners will receive a penalty tax reminder notice one month prior to each late payment penalty deadline.

Can I set up a payment plan to pay my property taxes?

Leduc County offers a tax instalment payment plan to assist county taxpayers to better budget for property taxes. See the above section titled "Tax Instalment Payment Plan" to learn more.