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Water and sewer

Leduc County's Public Works and Engineering department is responsible for water distribution systems, wastewater collection and treatment systems. It operates two bulk water outlets, one each in the Nisku Industrial Business Park and hamlet of New Sarepta.

Leduc County purchases water from the Capital Region Southwest Water Services Commission and discharges its wastewater into the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission system.

Note: The Northeast Pigeon Lake Regional Sewer Services Commission (NEPL) is operated by the County of Wetaskiwin. Leduc County residents who have wastewater hauled to the Mulhurst Bay Lagoon will no longer be invoiced by Leduc County; haulers will be billed directly by the County of Wetaskiwin for each load of wastewater.

Utility services account


Property owners must submit a utility services account application to Leduc County at least five business days prior to the move-in date in order to set up a utility services account.

Note: As per Bylaw 35-18 and Bylaw 31-14, the utility account must remain under the property owner's name, even if the property is rented. The owner is responsible for utility bills; non-payment of the utility bills will result in transfer of outstanding balances to the property owner's tax account. Utility bill notices and other correspondence relating to the utility account is sent to the address on the application; no copy is issued to the property owner's tax roll mailing address, unless that address appears on the application.

Leduc County is unable to put a utility account on hold for any period of time. If a property owner will be away from home for an extended period of time, they are encouraged to shut off the water inside the home at the main valve to prevent water from flowing through the metre. If requested in writing, water can be turned off at the curb for a fee, with an additional fee to be charged to reconnect.


Commercial/industrial property owners must also submit a source control discharge application if wastewater discharge from the facility is of an industrial or commercial-industrial nature.

Note: If the applicant is developing a property and needs to set up a utility services account and connect to the main municipal water and sewer lines, the developer must follow the above steps and submit the forms in-person to the Leduc County Planning and Development department during regular business hours.

Connecting to municipal water/sewer

municipal water/sewer servicing and inspection permit is required to connect to municipal water, sewer and/or storm utility services.

Invoicing and payment

Water and sewer fees are calculated based on the consumption of water, with the rates detailed in Leduc County's Fees and Charges bylaw. Property owners are encouraged to conduct periodic reviews of water lines and appliances to ensure they are functioning appropriately and not consuming excess water.

Utility services are invoiced on a bi-monthly basis. The penalty rate for late payment of utilities is 2.6 per cent bi-monthly and is applied to any amount outstanding 30 days after the invoice date.

Utility invoices are automatically sent via mail. Customers are encouraged to sign up for electronic invoices and, in addition, will gain access to a digital archive of past invoices. Click here to access the form to receive utility invoices via email

Leduc County accepts payment in-person with cash, cheque (payable to Leduc County) or debit at Leduc County Centre during regular business hours; credit cards are not accepted. After-hours payments can be deposited in the envelope depository at the north entrance of Leduc County Centre. Cheques can also be mailed to Leduc County.

Online payments can be set up through online banking, with "Leduc County Utilities" selected as the payee. You will need to enter your utility account number (do not enter the decimal). If your bank requires more digits than your account number, enter zeros at the beginning on your account number.

Water restrictions

Leduc County, along with other municipalities in the region, receives water from the Capital Region Southwest Water Services Commission (CRSWSC), which purchases water directly from EPCOR.

Water restrictions can be implemented for a variety of reasons, including increased demand for water, a break in the transmission line, or other reasons as determined by the commission. Restrictions are most often experienced between May and August, to ensure sufficient water remains in local reservoirs for residents’ essential use and firefighting demands.

The most common reason for restricting water use is when extended periods of hot, dry weather result in increased water demand; in these instances, Leduc County may implement internal water conservation measures – including suspending water main and sewer flushing, street sweeping, irrigation and firefighter training (where excess water would be used) – in an attempt to return water levels to normal.

Depending on the water levels, voluntary restrictions or mandatory enforced bans may be imposed on members of the public. This means residential and industrial citizens must limit/cease non-essential water use, or any water use that is not required for the protection of public health, safety and welfare. Examples of non-essential water use include, but aren't limited to, the following activities:

  • watering lawns
  • washing vehicles or machinery
  • filling pools or hot tubs
  • running partial loads of dishes or laundry
  • irrigation

Although water restrictions may be experienced in the warmer months, residents are encouraged to adopt water conservation measures year round.

Water demand levels

Measure A

Leduc County implements a ban on water use for non-essential municipal operations

Measure B

  • Leduc County implements a ban on water use for non-essential municipal operations
  • Public is asked to voluntary restrict non-essential water use

Measure C

  • Leduc County implements a ban on water use for non-essential municipal operations
  • Public faces a mandatory enforced ban on non-essential water use


Phone: 780-979-6185
After-hours road/water emergencies: 780-955-7226
Fax: 780-955-7814
Email: PWE@leduc-county.com

Submit a locate request

This form is to be completed for all water and sewer locate requests within Leduc County. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email confirmation and will be contacted if further information is required.

A locate request is not considered processed until you have received an email from Leduc County containing a ticket number.

You are not clear to excavate until all utilities have been located. It is the excavator’s responsibility to make sure there is no damage to the located utilities during excavation, and submitting a request with Leduc County does not remove that responsibility.

Please note: a minimum of two full working days notice is required in order for facilities to be located.

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